Zing is an app that I created during my final year at university.
The project is based around psychologist Edward de Bono’s theory that humour and creativity use the same thought pattern where your mind goes along one track and then, after a momentary pause, zings back along the other track as suggested. This is where the name Zing derives from, the zing moment when you make that creative connection.
The app uses humour and wit to help build new mental connections between concepts that in turn helps lead to more creative thinking. The users are given weekly tasks relating to different theories of humour which they then complete and upload to the apps gallery. The gallery is a community space where designers can connect with each other and get inspiration from each others work. There is also the zingbook where you can document anything that you find witty, humerous and playful.
The idea of the app is to get designers to view the world in a new way by being more playful and humorous which in turn will help them grow as designers and enable them to become more confident in their creative abilities.
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